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Patient Followup System


About Patient Followup System

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1. This application helps in keeping the record of patients so as to easily track the previous activities of the patients.

2. The recorded activities of a patients can be updated every time during the patient visit.

3. The details of a doctor working for that organization can be added, updated or deleted

4. Every doctor schedule can be manually changed for each day of a week. Up to 3 schedules per day can be added to a doctor.

5. Lab Test done in the organization can be added and also will be tracked up to how much the particular lab test has been used as per today’s date.

6. Once added patient follow up is tracked. From Patients to follow List, Contacted Patients List and also Patients not Visited List. Even if contacted patient misses his/her scheduled date, further schedule can be appointed to that client and can again be seen on patient to follow list.

7. This application has 2 types of users defined:

Admin user: This user has all the rights for this web application such as creating a staff user. Changing any details such as username or password for any staff is only provided to the admin. Admin user can also update organization information and also can delete a patient, doctor or any scheduled for a patient. -

Staff user: This user can only create or update any of the patient, doctor or schedule for a patient. This user cannot create any staff user and cannot update any of the information of the organization.

8. The number of patients to be followed, total patients, total patient visits and total doctor statistics is shown in the dashboard.

9. Previous patients can be searched by their patient code, name or mobile number.


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