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Javascript Training Syllabus

Unit 1 - Getting Started with JavaScript

Learn basic JavaScript syntax while creating variables and documenting your code.

  • JavaScript Foundations
  • Variables

Unit 2 - Conditionals and Functions

Optimize for reusable code with JavaScript conditions via control flow and functions.

  • Booleans
  • Comparison Operators
  • Control Flow
  • Functions

Unit 3 - Scope and Arrays

Store related groups of data together in arrays and learn more about variables.

  • Scope
  • Arrays
  • Code Challenge: JS Fundamentals

Unit 4 - Loops and Iteration

Harness the power of automation and use your skills to create powerful programs.

  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Iterators

Unit 5 - Objects

Learn object-oriented programming.

  • Objects
  • Advanced objects and the This keyword

Unit 6 - Errors and Debugging

Learn a problem-solving tool-set to help you tackle debugging in the future.

  • Error, Error Handling and Debugging
  • Code Challenge: Intermediate JS

Unit 7 - Project:

  • Making javascript projects


jQuery Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to jQuery

  • jQuery and JavaScript
  • jQuery and AJAX
  • Flavours of jQuery
  • Consistent UX with jQuery
  • Obtaining / Accessing the jQuery library

The jQuery Event Model

  • Binding event handlers
  • Removing event handlers
  • User Interface / Mouse events
  • Event Manipulation Methods

jQuery Selectors

  • Identifying DOM elements
  • Constructing jQuery Selectors
  • Basic CSS selectors
  • Positional selectors
  • Custom jQuery selectors
  • Chaining jQuery operations
  • Escaping meta-characters
  • The ready() handler

Tweaking DOM objects with jQuery

  • Getting objects by ID, Class, Tag
  • Modifying object and attributes on-the-fly
  • Changing an object’s Inner Text
  • Styles and CSS Classes
  • Handling Events with jQuery

jQuery and AJAX calls

  • Using the ajax() API
  • Loading data with GET and POST
  • Working with JSON data
  • Serialising your form handling with serialize()
  • Handling a completed AJAX request
  • Security considerations

Making it all look good with jQuery

  • Simple jQuery animations
    • Sliding
    • Toggling
    • Fading
    • Easing
  • Dealing with Durations
  • Creating custom jQuery animations
  • Binding animations to Events and Callbacks


Intro to jQuery Mobile

  • Overview of jQuery Mobile
  • Touch-optimized layouts and UI widgets