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Creative Classes For School Level Students

Our Objectives

  1. To provide experiential learning environment to the students through our creative courses that are taught using interactive methodology

  2. To make students able to analyse, think, design, build and maintain project that enhances their problem solving technique

  3. To enhance student’s leadership, collaboration, presentation, focusing and determination capability with hands on workshops and mentoring

Our Methodology

We have excellent plans for students that can take students capability to the next level. These plans take knowledge, thinking and designing capabilities of the students to higher with our best mentorship and they can present these capabilities by analyzing, building and presenting problem solving prototypes/projects right there.

  1. Creative Classes on Electronics and Robotics Technology

    1. Fundamentals of Electricity, Electrical Components, Electronics

    2. Smart Technology, Electrical Sensors and Automation System

    3. Programming/ Coding to control things with technology

    4. Remote control system

    5. Robotics System introduction and designing

  2. Creative Classes on Computer and Software Technology

    1. Computer system, Software and Information Technology

    2. Computer Coding/Programming, Algorithm and Flowchart

    3. Interactive Application Development using Coding

    4. Web Page Designing

    5. Simple Game Development using Coding

    6. Simple Software System Development

    7. Fun with coding

These categorized courses have various levels that students love to learn. All topics under these courses are discussed in a systematic manner which involves

  1. What  the “TOPIC” is?

  2. What and how does the “TOPIC” impact us?

  3. Why are we studying the “TOPIC”?

  4. What are the applications and importance of the “TOPIC”?

  5. Practical Demo of the application of the “TOPIC”.

  6. Designing or Making or Developing or Using the prototype of the  “TOPIC” practically.

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